How Tea Bath Products Began

Before I started this business I had a very unhealthy lifestyle. Most of us can relate to working too much and not enjoying life! I drank way too much coffee, ate a poor diet. In addition, I lived with ongoing thoughts of negativity, criticism and a poor self-image. All these things produces a toxic mixture that affected my physical and mental health. It’s not a surprise that I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder.
I struggled with for 11 years relying on antidepressants. Medications helped me cope and sleep but I longed to be healthier. 
On a journey to the Bay Area, I stopped at a local apothecary shop. There I made a new discovery that would start me on a journey toward better health: Bath Soaks. I learned baths are a way to reduce mental health issues, anxiety and stress. Why not try it? I purchased a bath made completely raw herbs, botanicals and salt - whole and natural. The results were the beginning of many life changes for me.

At first I had challenges trusting I could get healthier by just changing certain habits in my life. Learning good health is a journey and not an event. It was a day to day decision to be better. Realizing that I needed to be intentional about my healing journey, I created time for soak sessions and rest. These calming sessions were very key to my healing process.

Finding well-made bath soaks became a challenge. I realized it might be necessary to make my own soaks, but I did not know how. I did have a driving interest in getting mentally healthier. So, I dove in - reading herbal books and learning about plants and their healing properties. When I learned that organic ingredients are produced without the use of toxins. By avoiding toxins, we can reduce toxins in our bodies which can affect health. I decided to try creating my own bath blends with organic ingredients. With the help of many local helpful entrepreneurs and health advocates, I launched Tea Bath Products in 2012.

Today, I am healthier and have been free from anti-depressant medications for many years. 

Customers who use Tea Bath Products love the way the products smell, which make them want to try them. No fragrance is used, only organic scents through herbs, botanicals and essential oils. The idea that tea botanicals and pure sea salt can help with mental health, inflammation, and decrease aging, makes Tea Baths a fit for health conscious individuals. For anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, Tea Bath Products can help. Our mists, soaps, tea baths are a benefit for working professionals who want to de-stress, individuals with mental health challenges or those with chronic illness.
We are continuing our journey of natural skin health by finding ways to teach natural home remedy methods. We use pure sea salt, organic essential oil, herbs and botanicals with no parabens and sulfates. Purely home remedies. All of our products are certified organic.
Tea Bath Products has a growing presence in Nevada and Utah in health conscious stores. Look for us there, online or at our special events. 

Stay healthy and be kind to yourself!
Sara Pastore ~ Creator of Tea Bath Products